Webinar Replay: How to Leverage Multi-Dimensional Economic Justification to Convert Stalled Deals

Research confirms that your largest competition is not industry competitors but rather buyer indecision.  

In fact, most decisions result in “no decision.”  Moreover, it can lead to opportunity costs associated with inaction.  

In such instances, to convert deals, it’s vital to elevate your sales conversations to the decision maker that will most fully benefit from the totality of what you’re proposing. In many situations, indecision occurs because sellers aren’t fluent in articulating full business impact and/or identifying risk.  

Amidst economic headwinds, risk is one of the few subjects that doesn’t get delegated down but rather delegated UP. 

In this session, you’ll learn what it takes to break the gravitational pull of customer indecision and create urgency with senior decision makers to act now, not later.  

Jim Druckrey, former Fortune 500 C-level executive and current leader of the Executive Practice, and Reuben Advani, Executive, Entrepreneur and author of the Wall Street MBA, host a fact-based webinar on specific actions you can take to convert and win larger deals. 

You’ll also learn the 3 C’s for improving executive conversations with buyers: 

  • Competence – Learn how to connect your solution to the business issues and metrics executives care about to win the sale. 
  • Confidence – Learn how to engage executives in a way that gets you more time versus being delegated to whom you sound like. 
  • Compelling – Learn how to build a business case that passes muster with your executive stakeholders and helps them justify a decision. 

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