Webinar Replay: Dissecting “No Decision” – Revive Your Pipeline and Prevent Stalled Deals

revive your pipeline and prevent stalled deals

On average, CXOs are participating in buying decisions 86 percent more often than before the pandemic.The people you’re used to engaging can’t sign off on deals like they used to. B2B buying committees involve more senior stakeholders than ever before. As a result, buying decisions slow down, and your chances of being deferred to a “no decision” go up.

But just because a deal is marked as “no decision” doesn’t mean it’s dead.

Surprisingly, sales reps are incorrectly classifying almost one-third of their “no decision” or “pending” deals as losses in their CRM. In other words, approximately one-third of your supposed losses might be primed for re-engagement.

How can you effectively re-engage and convert these “no decisions” into wins? And how can you prevent your deals in the pipeline from getting deferred in the first place?

In this webinar with Doug Hutton, EVP of Customer Experience, and Jim Druckrey, leader of the Executive Practice, you’ll see new data about what drives “no decisions,” and what motivates executive buyers to take action now.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Identify potential opportunities to re-engage “no decision” deals that your sellers might have marked as lost.
  • Learn behavioral science principles to motivate executive buyers to pay attention to your pitch.
  • Deliver compelling communications to persuade C-suite decision makers to decide now, and not defer.

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