create a unique value proposition

Differentiate Your Products

In a recent B2B industry survey, 88 percent of companies said that their competitors offer similar capabilities as they do.

It’s no secret that in well-defined categories, many companies can solve the same problems with similar capabilities and pricing.

The problem is, most marketers and sellers (88 percent) aren’t confident that buyers understand what makes their solution unique and different.

If buyers can’t distinguish you from your competition, you look like just one more choice among many viable options. You need to articulate your value clearly and effectively. If you don’t, your prospects won’t see the difference, they won’t value your capabilities, and you’ll end up in side-by-side “bake-offs,” competing on price.

But what does “articulating value” really look like?

To most organizations, “articulating value” means focusing on benefits rather than features, keeping descriptions short and crisp. Others describe capabilities by dressing them up in superlatives to make their solutions appear better and brighter than others.

Despite the prevalence of all these tactics, research shows how these common practices are missing the mark.

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