webinar replay: can complex content kill your sale?

Most companies offer solutions that could be considered comprehensive and detailed.

When presenting complex solutions to buyers, it’s necessary to provide thorough enough information to explain how they work and what the benefits are. Being able to speak in detail about your solution also positions you as someone credible and trustworthy. 

However, too much technical information could overwhelm and dissuade potential buyers. And not everyone on the buying committee is a technical expert. 

So, to win your sales, should you aim for simplicity or complexity? 

In this session, Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions, shares her latest neuroscience research on how a buyer’s brain reacts to complex content.  

Join us to learn practical guidelines for addressing intricate content and find out clear and practical answers to these questions: 

  • Do some audiences prefer details while others don’t want to “get in the weeds”?
  • What elements influence how the brain processes complex content and makes decisions? 
  • Are there cultural preferences for simple or complex content? 

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