Webinar Replay: The Neuroscience of Competitive Advantage

Every business that operates in a competitive space has a pressing goal: to stand out from the competition.

But how do you address standing out from someone else from the angle of how the brain works?

First, if you want to appear different than your competition, a customer’s brain must be able to detect that difference. This is important because sometimes business messages are so similar that the brain has a hard time noticing the difference.

Second, once a difference is recognized, the brain must appreciate or value that difference. Without this condition, you might stand out, but customers might not want to change. And difference and value must also be memorable because customers act based on what they remember, not on what they forget.

In this session, Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions, will share practical, neuroscience-based principles that enable you to:

  • Help a customer’s brain to detect the difference between you and a competitor.
  • Create assets that are perceived by customers as unique and valuable.
  • Use science-based techniques that enable customers to remember your value proposition, not your competition’s.

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