webinar: winning the retention growth play – reduce churn to capture revenue

reduce churn to capture revenue 

According to analysts, as much as 70–80 percent of the average company’s revenue comes from existing customers. 

Yet, most revenue leaders (nearly 60 percent) see no need to take a different commercial approach between customer acquisition and customer retention.  

Despite this pervasive belief, research shows that customer retention requires an entirely different process and unique messages, skills, and content.  

In this webinar with Rob Perrilleon, SVP of Delivery Services at Corporate Visions, you’ll get science-based principles and research-backed techniques to confidently win your retention growth play. 

Specifically, you’ll see how to: 

  • Leverage your Incumbent Advantage during retention conversations  
  • Reinforce the value you bring to your existing customers 
  • Enable your entire commercial organization to reduce churn 

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