Webinar Replay: Fluency Coaching AI – The Coaching Reps Need, Exactly When They Need It

Effective coaching falls on the shoulders of sales managers, who—despite their best intentions—don’t have time to review hours of recorded sales calls, role-play future conversations, or provide personalized feedback to each of their sellers.

Even if sellers do get sufficient coaching, it’s rarely at the scale or pace the organization needs. Nor does it typically impact the next customer conversation.

The potential of using artificial intelligence to solve these challenges is appealing. But how does it work in practice? Can AI help provide effective sales coaching at scale?

Join Doug Hutton, SVP of Products at Corporate Visions and Mike Fisher, Senior Sales Enablement Manager, Productivity, at Zoom, to find out.

In this webcast, you’ll get:

  • A look behind the curtain at Zoom’s experience with Fluency Coaching AI.
  • Practical advice for using AI to deliver cost-efficient coaching at scale.
  • Expert insights on accelerating seller proficiency on new messaging faster than ever before.

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