Webinar Replay: Why Return – New Research Reveals the Most Effective Win-Back Messages

Whether it was due to a service failure, a competitor relationship, or they were lured away by a better price; your once-loyal customer decided to leave.

These former customers represent an enticing opportunity to recoup lost revenue. But it’s not an easy conversation. They aren’t motivated by the same messages as existing customers. But these buyers also aren’t quite new prospects.

They require an entirely different approach. So how can you win them back?

In a new real-world behavioral study, we tested specific messages for persuading lost customers to return and found the fastest way to (re)acquire new logos.

Find out which messages and content get the best response in this webcast with Rob Perrilleon, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services, and Dr. Leff Bonney, Research Director at Corporate Visions.

Tune in to see new research to:

  • Target the different reasons for losses and which ones represent your best win-back opportunities
  • Approach your former customers with the best messages to gain access and get a meeting
  • Re-engage these unique buyers with effective first-meeting content that motivates them to return

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