webinar replay: can customers coach your sales team?

Rarely do training calendars, enablement initiatives, or sales manager interventions drive meaningful behavior change for sellers.

That’s because most training and coaching activities are based on general tactics that the company thinks will make an impact. This creates two problems:

  1. Sellers don’t believe they have a problem in those areas, so they aren’t motivated to change.
  2. It doesn’t reflect what buyers say they want or need from your sellers.

What if your sellers could get coaching from your most insightful source—actual buyers who just made a decision based on their experience with you and your competition?

There’s nothing more motivating for a seller than receiving feedback directly from their buyer. To energize your team, you need to provide timely, deal-specific coaching in the moment—immediately after every deal and tailored to each seller’s unique feedback-driven needs.

In this webcast with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Ken Allred, TruVoice Product Leader, you’ll see how to not just collect buyer feedback, but use it as a powerful tool to motivate and coach your sales team.

  • Convert buyer feedback into actionable rep-specific insights after every deal
  • Provide tailored skills coaching for every seller based on actual buyer feedback on their performance as compared to your competition
  • Track your sellers’ performance over time—at individual, team, and organizational levels—to measure the impact of your interventions and identify what’s needed next

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