webinar replay: mastering the great 8 sales skills

improve seller behaviors proven to predict wins and losses

What if you could know precisely why each of your reps wins or loses deals? And, have the confidence that the areas you are coaching them on will result in higher win rates?

Exclusive, new research uncovers eight sales skills inside of a deal cycle that are predictive of deal outcomes.

These behaviors are observable in the sales experience, which means buyers can provide specific ratings and feedback. Or managers can listen for them in buyer call recordings.

By gaining insight into the performance of your sellers across these eight skills, you can identify and address specific skill gaps for each rep and then provide tailored coaching to improve win rates.

In this webinar, Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Doug Hutton, Executive Vice President of Customer Experience, will show you how to:

  • Identify the eight most predictive sales behaviors that cause you to win or lose deals.
  • Observe and assess performance to determine the most critical coaching needs.
  • Use proven coaching concepts to increase performance in each area.

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