Solution Brief: Mastering Remote Selling

Solution Brief: Mastering Remote Selling

Deliver Remote Sales Presentations That Customers Remember

Remote selling is now required if you hope to hit your quota. But many sales reps have realized that selling on-screen brings some unexpected challenges:

  • Your presence is reduced to a tiny image in the corner of a web conference.
  • You’re competing for attention with a highly distracting screen environment.
  • Your sales deck becomes the focus—it’s no longer the backdrop for an in-person conversation.
  • Best case, research shows that your audience will only remember 10% of what you show them after 48 hours.

How can you cut through the noise and deliver a sales presentation that engages your audience, helps them remember your message, and persuades them to buy?

Mastering Remote SellingTM Training Program from Corporate Visions

With Corporate Visions’ Mastering Remote SellingTM training program, you’ll learn to use science-backed techniques to grab and hold your buyers’ attention, make sure they remember your most important message, and persuade them to take decisive action after the call.

Mastering Remote SellingTM follows our tested and proven training models for learning and applying new competencies.

Inline Training – Inline training allows participants to self-schedule and complete online modules, then actively apply skills by reviewing a challenge assignment and rubric. Participants then create and present slides that align with the concepts learned, and they receive personal coaching from Corporate Visions facilitators about how they applied their new skills.

Instructor-Led Virtual Training – With instructor-led Virtual Classic training, participants attend a virtual classroom environment with live facilitation and coaching. Participants also complete e-learning modules and work in small teams to apply concepts and create slides for their actual accounts and opportunities.

Ongoing Reinforcement – All participants receive access to SlideClub, a subscription library of slides designed to enhance audience attention in remote sales presentations.

Make sure your sales deck is built to win the remote selling moment. Get our Solution Brief and contact us to learn more about our remote selling skills training course.

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