sales technology to accelerate your growth strategy

When you have the wrong technology, you may be slowing your growth. Using systems that are unnecessary or are implemented poorly, lead teams adopt their own technologies, data becomes scattered across too many platforms, and the tools that were meant to improve efficiency hinder everything.

You need the right tools in place to support your sellers, leaders, and sales process.

With these proprietary and partner technologies and services, you can execute faster, monitor your enablement initiatives, and equip your teams with just-in-time support. Ultimately, leveraging the appropriate technology can aid you in reaching your revenue goals.

sales technology

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53 percent of lost opportunities could have been won, according to buyer feedback, but for missteps by your sellers.

Yet too many organizations make the mistake of relying solely on why sellers believe they lost a sale, despite it being inaccurate up to 70% of the time.

To truly improve your sellers’ performance, you need to start with actual customer feedback—not self-assessments. With TruVoice, you can automate obtaining customer feedback, provide customized, individualized coaching based on that feedback, and continuously monitor, measure, and modify your efforts.

You can’t plan for competitive moves, market changes, or global economic events, but they happen all the time. And when your revenue is on the line, you can’t wait six months or more to train and enable your organization to respond.

These urgent situations call for a faster, more flexible approach—one that doesn’t depend on a long-term, “just-in-case” plan. You need to rally your team with a winning message, skills training, and enablement content to respond just in time and in the flow of work.

sales technology services

digital sales transformation

Buyers prefer to interact with sellers digitally. But what works for field selling doesn’t always translate to a digital environment. You need to make changes to be able to sell effectively to your buyers where they want to be, but where should you start?

With our Digital Sales Transformation services, you can evaluate your current organization and determine how to optimize your tech stack and adapt your team structure and processes to ensure you aren’t leaving revenue on the table.

technology partners

Our technology and training offerings can seamlessly integrate with each of our technology partners’ platforms. With these dynamic pairings you can execute your revenue growth strategy more efficiently and effectively.


Using Salesloft’s sales engagement platform, you can track the adoption of our skills and messaging training across your revenue teams. And with Salesloft’s deal and forecast management capabilities, you can apply our research-backed process to ensure the accuracy of every deal.


With Gong’s powerful conversation intelligence tools, you can use it to ensure your teams are using the messaging and skills they were training on and increase the effectiveness of your sales coaching.

With Highspot, you can deploy messages, content, and skills to your sellers so they have everything they need to articulate value to customers at their fingertips. Through the use of Highspot Marketplace you can turn on certain skills training and deploy it to your revenue teams in a matter of minutes.

In Outreach, you can leverage Corporate Visions by providing your revenue teams with touchpoints that make the most of every prospect contact and unlock conversions from your commercial conversations. With the Outreach’s Conversational Intelligence tool, Kaia, you can track skills and messaging usage across all of your revenue teams.