Corporate Visions Unveils Deal Stage-Specific Reinforcement Content to Drive Skills Training Adoption and Retention for Enhanced Sales Effectiveness

New Virtual Coach Offering Provides Salespeople With Just-in-Time Access to Situationally-Relevant Skills Training Reinforcement and Expert Coaching Inside CRM Opportunity Screens

LARKSPUR, Calif. – May 4, 2015 – Corporate Visions, Inc., the leading marketing and sales messaging, tools and training company, today announced the launch of Virtual Coach, a platform that provides deal stage-specific reinforcement training and skills content. With Virtual Coach, salespeople can access short, powerful and situationally-relevant audio, video and interactive coaching inside of their customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Training events alone aren’t enough to drive full adoption, usage, and retention of new sales skills. Salespeople often struggle to remember and apply what they‘ve learned to the wide variety of selling situations they face. Making the problem worse, managers often lack the time and tools needed to reinforce training through ongoing coaching.

Virtual Coach overcomes these challenges by providing salespeople with just-in-time, bite-sized pieces of training reinforcement. Salespeople can access situation-specific content in their company’s CRM platform or sales portal. Virtual Coach presents the information in context and aligns it with each selling or buying stage. As a result, salespeople gain mastery of critical customer conversations throughout the buying cycle.

“Salespeople leave training sessions with the motivation to apply what they’ve learned, but without continuous reinforcement, it’s easy for them to forget new skills or fail to adopt them,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy, and marketing officer for Corporate Visions. “We’re supplementing training events with virtual skills reinforcement and coaching so salespeople can be prompted to use techniques that are relevant to their exact stage in the selling cycle. Not only will this improve the application and proficiency of new selling techniques, but it will also ultimately lead to greater sales effectiveness and more closed deals.”

Corporate Visions’ Virtual Coach offering is powered by MobilePaks’ Guided Selling technology, which intelligently predicts content and enablement support for sellers at each point of the sales process, and includes tools for guiding content development in the way sellers learn, retain and use information.

To learn more about Virtual Coach, please visit our solutions page for coaching.

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