E-Book: Flip the Script on Your Sales Kickoff

let your buyers’ insights shape your kickoff

If you’re like most companies, you default to what you’ve always done to develop your kickoff activities—you base them on perceived seller shortcomings and what they logged in your CRM.

It seems reasonable. Your sellers are talking to buyers every day—they’d know what’s working and what’s not, right?

The problem is, the reasons your sellers give for winning or losing deals are different from what your buyers say up to 70 percent of the time.

That means if you’re relying only on sellers’ inputs to plan your kickoff, you’re not starting with accurate data. And without accurate insights to work from, your kickoff will never address the real skill gaps to help your sellers win more deals.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to flip the script on the traditional sales kickoff approach and let buyer feedback take center stage. When you put your buyers’ wants and needs at the heart of your kickoff, you can set your sellers up for success in the year ahead.

Get this e-book to see how to:

Start with buyer feedback to pinpoint previously unseen skill gaps
Prioritize and personalize your kickoff activities to address each seller’s needs
Continuously measure and modify to keep your sellers’ skills sharp all year

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