Webinar Replay: Provide Expert Insights – Move Beyond Bland Discovery And Spark Real Interest

move beyond bland discovery and spark real interest

You prepare meticulously for every new prospect meeting. You ask thoughtful discovery questions to uncover their wants and needs.

Yet those conversations often end up at a familiar place: a commodity bake-off between you and your competition.

Why? Because your competitors are using a similar approach.

And you’ll be responding with similar capabilities as them to meet your buyer’s stated needs. When your buyers see no contrast between their choices, they’re more likely to stick with their status quo.

How can you ignite real interest and truly engage your prospects?

In this webcast with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Doug Hutton, EVP Customer Experience, you’ll see how to go beyond basic discovery to provide unexpected insights. You’ll learn to ignite interest, spark urgency, and effectively disrupt your prospect’s status quo.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to uncover powerful insights that capture your prospect’s attention
  • When and how to introduce unexpected insights to spark interest and urgency
  • How to build a buying vision that compels your prospect to make a change

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