Webinar Replay: Mastering the Why Now Moment With Executive Buyers

what motivates executive decision-makers to act now instead of later?

You need an executive messaging strategy that creates urgency for them to change AND demonstrates your tangible impact on their performance. There’s a right and wrong way to handle this “Why Now” moment—and new research to prove it.

In this webcast replay, Tim Riesterer, co-author of The Expansion Sale, and Professor Nick Lee of Warwick Business School explore new academic research that reveals a tested and proven messaging framework for telling the most effective Why Now story.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Align your business proposals to a proven Why Now messaging framework, designed to help justify a decision
  • Use key decision science principles to create the urgency to compel executive-level prospects to act NOW
  • Tie your solution to key external factors and strategic initiatives, demonstrating how you can impact performance

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