Webinar Replay: Acquisition vs. Expansion

Over half of companies use the same approach for every marketing and sales conversation. They stake their strategy on one-size-fits-all messages and tactics for both customer acquisition and customer expansion.

But these companies are unwittingly putting their revenue in jeopardy. Behavioral studies show a 180-degree difference between what motivates new prospects versus existing customers to buy.

How can you create enough energy to dislodge competitors and win new business? How do you ensure you don’t unintentionally push your existing customers away?

In this webcast with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions, you’ll get counterintuitive, science-backed skills and techniques to articulate your value and tailor your approach to match your buyer’s motivations in the moment.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Disrupt and dislodge your prospects’ status quo vendor to win new business.
  • Defend, retain, and grow your relationships with existing customers.
  • Use science-backed techniques and frameworks to win more revenue from your new prospects and existing customers.

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