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Corporate Visions named Top 20 Sales Training company

training-industry-2014We are so honored to be named one of’s top 20 Sales Training companies. According to, “Top 20 Sales Training companies demonstrate growth and are recognized as leaders within the sales training space. They have a track record of providing excellent service across a …

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The incredible shrinking attention span: Can your sales story survive?

Fish_1 (4)Three proven strategies for keeping your customer focused on your selling messages

8 seconds: the average American’s attention span (down 33% since 2000)
6 seconds: the average website user’s attention span
9 seconds: the attention span of a goldfish

All doubts about the accuracy of measuring goldfish …

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Keeping your pitch simple

cmmGiving your prospects more choices and options is a natural instinct. You’re thinking that you’re “adding value” to your story and differentiating against your competitors.

 After all, how often have you heard the phrase, “our differentiation is the ‘depth and breadth’ of our product line,” as if …

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Sales & Marketing Management: Corporate Visions broadens its value to clients

UntitledIn his recent article, “Completing the Picture,” respected sales performance improvement analyst Dave Stein says that, after some bold acquisitions, Corporate Visions is the one-stop shop for helping you articulate and quantify value for your clients.

“Most sales training companies stumbled through the 2008 recession and its …

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Focusing on getting the best price may not get you the best price


Recent research suggests emphasizing “learning goals” drives better negotiations than setting high financial targets.

For years, there has been a basic tenet in negotiations: “Those who ask for more, get more.” The assumption is that this means asking for more money, but, it may actually mean something …

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Don’t give your prospects so much to think about

UntitledIn the most recent issue of Sales & Marketing Management magazine, Tim Riesterer looks at the counterintuitive idea that sometimes less, rather than more information, is what will sway the sale in your favor.

In his column “The brain is a lazy decision maker,” Tim asserts that …

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